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Hear these NHL Arenas Rock!

It’s all about the game for NHL fanatics. We've done research and found the following top 5 loudest arenas in the NHL. Even though many NHL teams play in the same arena as their city’s NBA team, being at an NHL game is very different from watching a basketball game; or for that matter, seeing any other pro sport in person. 

Here is our top 5 loudest and craziest NHL arenas:

5 .Wells Fargo Center – Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers have installed two S-203C air horns, primarily used as navigational signals on the largest ocean-bound ships, to enhance goal celebrations to record-breaking levels inside the Wachovia Center.

Once triggered, the sound pressure level will exceed 140dB, producing a powerful, low frequency blast, reminiscent of a cruise ship.



 4. Bell Centre – Montreal Canadiens

It comes as no surprise that the most storied and successful franchise in NHL history is also home to one of the greatest arena atmospheres in the NHL.

The experience of a Canadiens home game is like no other. Hockey history is plentiful, as are the fans. 21,200 on average pack into the Bell Centre, or “Le Centre Bell” to watch their team chase further hockey greatness.



3. Xcel Energy Center – Minnesota Wild

Based in the “State of Hockey”, the Minnesota Wild and its fans combine to provide one of the top three hockey atmospheres in the NHL.

As the NHL’s most northern American based team, the sport of hockey is arguably the most popular sport in the state of Minnesota. As a result, hockey fans in Minnesota are obsessed with the Wild and are among the most supportive and enthusiastic fans in the league.




2. Bridgestone Arena - Nashville Predators 

Claims have been made that the noise level at Bridgestone Arena reaches the same as that of a military jet airplane during takeoff (130 decibels) or a clap of thunder (120). Those numbers are according to a Purdue University study.



1. United Center – Chicago Blackhawks

Coming in hot at number one is the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Blackhawks have enjoyed tremendous success in recent history, quickly becoming one of the most popular teams in the entire NHL. Not only do the Blackhawks have tremendous fan support in their own rink, but also in many cities throughout North America.

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  • Yeah, it was really hard to narrow it down to 5. I think TD Garden could be there also.

    Adrian Nadeau
  • Great list! What about Vegas?

  • Great list! What about Vegas?


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