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Who's going to sneak into the dance this year?

It's the most exciting time of the year for any NHL hockey fans. The season is nearing the end and every point counts."The Dance" is a term sports use for getting into the playoffs at the last minute.

Here's a classic moment in NHL when the New Jersey Devils clinched their first playoffs back on April 04, 1988! The video below shows how awesome it is when you clinch a spot to get to the dance!

John MacLean, Sean BurkeBrendan ShanahanPat Verbeek and Jim Schoenfeld

and the rest of the Devils scored in OT of the last game of the year to get into the playoffs.

As mentioned, this year is winding down and I'd like to hear what teams you think are going to the dance.

Here are my predictions: Green teams are getting in for sure, yellow are who I predict who will slide in and I don't believe the others will not make it this year.

NHL, Stanley Cup Playoffs, Wild Card

NHL hockey, Standings, Playoffs, Wild Card

Either way, I can't wait for the playoffs. The 1st round is always the best!

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