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Fridays top 5

It's that time again... The NFL Playoffs are here! 

As a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, I hope they can take a run at the Super Bowl. If so, Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and the defense will have to all their "A" games to the grid iron.

Others top teams going to the "dance" include New England Patriots (as always), Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, L.A Rams, L.A Chargers

Now, time for something a little less "serious". Fridays top 5!

Top 5 ugliest NFL uniforms of all time

No. 5: Jacksonville Jaguars color rush "bold gold"

Jacksonville Jaguars, Jaguars Jerseys

All of the NFL’s new “color rush” uniforms, with the exception of the Dallas Cowboys all-white uniforms, have been atrocious, but the Jaguars’ shoulder-to-toe mustard getups are the ugliest of all.

No. 4: Phoenix Cardinals all-red uniforms (2006 - Present)

Phoenix Cardinals Red Jerseys

The white helmets clash with the rest of the all-red uniform, which in and of itself is an ugly design. No team looks good in all red, so there were several candidates for this “honor”, but the Cardinals take this spot.

No. 3: Denver Broncos throwbacks (2009)

Denver Broncos, NFL, Jerseys, Throwback

The original 1960 uniforms were bad enough, but the 2009 AFL throwbacks were even uglier – but in a beautiful sort of way. The brown helmet with a white stripe clashed with the gold tops, and those vertically striped socks (which some players styled into a barber pole effect) completed the sheer beautiful-ugliness of this uniform.

No. 2: Pittsburgh Steelers throwbacks (1934)

Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys, NFL, Throwback Stripes

Nicknamed the “Bumblebees”, this is another ugly uniform some might consider beautiful. It’s certainly distinctive. And if you like lots of horizontal black and gold stripes, then this is a uniform for you.

No. 1: Philadelphia Eagles (2007)

Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys, Throwback Jerseys, NFL

The Eagles attempted to replicate their 1934 uniform, and while some would say they were successful, the bright powder blue and gold was just plain ugly. It didn’t help that the bright sunshine made already tough-to-read numbers almost impossible to read, but the shiny fabric also gave the uniform the appearance of a cheesy thrift store find. It was a great reminder that some of the uniforms of the past should stay that way.

Don't forget...

As with anything we always have to remember that beauty (or ugliness), it is said, is in the eye of the beholder. NFL uniforms are no exception. Please leave comments if we missed any or you disagree.


  • Haha! Those are pretty bad!

    Adrian Nadeau
  • I know this is a post about NFL jerseys, however, this might be the worst jersey ever


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