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Lebron vs Kawhi - Epic Fail

Hello all,

The stage and excitement had been building for while now:

Toronto Raptors vs. LA Lakers, Kawhi Leonard vs. Lebron James. The stars were out in full force. It was Saturday night. Everyone was tuned in.

One problem, Leonard  didn't play and the Raptors blew out the Lakers. 

Even though Leonard  was not in the lineup, the Raptors easily handled the Lakers

Lakers Lebron James Toronto Raptors Leonard

That leaves 2 questions:
  • Are the Raptors for real? 

Yes, I believe Kawhi is a much better overall player than Demar. I know there is more to this than at first glance but the Raptors are going for it this year and they a needed player like Leonard! More Grit, better on defence and a champion.

  • Are the Lakers a flop?

This question is a little tougher for me. I watched the first quarter in the game and they looked terrible. Time will tell, but they appear to be a mess at the moment. It doesn't appear that Lebron is having fun playing in LA. 

Feel free to leave a comment below to express your opinion in the locker room.



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