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To Much Violence in the NHL?

There's been a lot in the news these days in regards to violence in the NHL. Some feel it's getting to be to much, while others think if fighting was an option most of these may not happen.

I've played hockey and I believe that fighting would help some of these issues from occurring. Although Marchand can do some stupid things, I'm not sure this was the wrong thing to do. Someone celebrating to the opposing team bench when it's 5 or 6 zero is uncalled. I think the Max Domi sucker punch is much worse as Ekblad didn't do anything to provoke (as far as we know).

The Wilson hit is a tough one. I used to love seeing guys cutting across the line with their head down after they shoot. 20 years ago it would have been fine but hockey was much different then. If he didn't have a history of suspensions it would have been a lot less! 

What are your thoughts? Here are 3 major incidents that have happened already this season.

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Max Domi pre-season sucker punch on Aaron Ekblad.

Tom Wilson headshot on Oskar Sundqvist

Brad Marchand taking liberty on Lars Ellar after questionable celebration:

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