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Partner Annoucement - Helping Kids!

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Childrein

Hi all,

As a former child who was lucky enough to play a number of sports. My family was by no means over loaded with money but they always found a way to sign up my brother and I for sports including:

  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Sports camps

Some children aren't that lucky, whether it be low income, parents not interested in signing them up and other reasons.

I've tried to offer my time coaching and assisting with these situations. It's unfortunate that children don't have the privilege that my brother and I had when we were younger.

I'm extremely excited to announce today that is agreeing to a partnership with Canadian Tire Jumpstart program!

We  have agreed to donate 5% of every sale we make! Every purchase you make not only will make you feel the magic of your favorite player but also help a child play a sport that may not have had that chance!

GoodsbyAdrian Partnership Canadian Tire Jumpstart Childre

The Jumpstart program offers children to benefit from more than just playing sports. The other benefits of sports are Courage, Confidence, Pride, Friendship and working with others!

Read more about the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program here


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