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Patriots win the Super Bowl.... again!

Goodbye Gronkowski? – Patriots superstar passes on tight end torch in style, patriots, tom brady jerseys

As much as I dislike the New England Patriots, I have to tip my hat to them as the dynasty continues!

If there was ever a time when NFL fans genuinely could have believed the New England Patriots dynasty may be nearing its end with Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski was on December 9 in Miami.

Central to that turn of events was Rob Gronkowski. Inexplicably left on the field to defend a potential Hail Mary pass with the Patriots defending a 33-28 lead with mere seconds left on the clock, the Patriots star tight end floundered in his unfamiliar role, allowing himself to be rounded by Miami running back Kenyan Drake after the Dolphins ran a series of laterals to score an unbelievable game-winner.

As most know, the dynasty continued with another Super Bowl championship as they defeated Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Aaron Donald and the LA Rams to win their 6th Super Bowl since 2002. They've jumped into a tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the Cowboys next at 5.

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