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Thoughts on Red Sox winning ALCS and off to the World Series!

Hi all you crazy sports fans out there. This post is going to be hard hittin' post for ya'll!

Not many people are surprised the Boston Red Sox are off to the World Series this year. They did after all accumulated the most wins in the league this year:

MLB Red Sox ALCS Mookie Betts

I feel they have the best players in the league and they play like a team. Always nice to see a group of superstars come together and accomplish a feat of this nature.

I feel the following dudes have played awesome so far this playoffs (obviously throughout the year also)

David Price - First playoff win! Hard to believe he hasn't won a game before. Was there anyone more happy to win that game? I don't think so.

Chris Sale - Did all he could to help out during fighing a virus. He'll be ready for the World Series.

Xander Bogaerts - One of the lesser know Red Sox that would be a Super Star on almost any other team.

Rafael Devers - Huge 2 run home run to clinch game 4.

Steve Pearce - Late season pickup from the Blue Jays, fit in nicely and helped out with a few big hits.

Andrew Benintendi - One of todays best outfielders in the game. Single "handily" made a catch at the end of game 4 to win it for the Sox.

Mookie Betts - One of my favourite players. Probably the best all around player in the league. Enough said.

Jackie Bradley Jr. - ALCS MVP, Center field to the best outfield in the game. Came through in the clutch. A valid MVP.

J.D. Martinez - Not heard about much, but a great DH. Poses a threat for every picture

Next for them is the Milwaukee Brewers or Los Angeles Dodgers. As much of a under dog fan I am, I think LA look solid. I'm not sure they can keep up with the Red Sox but I think they have a chance if they win and get in.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below. Thanks!

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