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Top 5 NFL Jerseys of all time

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about the top 5 worst NFL Jerseys of all time. This post is the opposite... the top 5 NFL Jerseys of all time.

Let's get right into it.

Top 5 NFL Jerseys of all time

5. Chargers 1960-1973

NFL Jerseys, San Diego Chargers, LA Chargers, Phillip Rivers Jerseys

The Chargers’ powder blue jersey, which they wore for the first 13 seasons of their existence, was iconic. They switched to a royal blue base color in the ’70s but over the years have occasionally brought back their classic look

4. Jets 1963-1977, 1998-present

NFL Jerseys, New York Jets

This classic green-and-white jersey is the one Joe Namath wore when he was leading the Jets to victory in Super Bowl III. New York discontinued it after the 1977 season but 20 years later wisely brought it back.

3. Cowboys 1964-present

NFL Jerseys,Dallas Cowboys, Troy Aikman, Dak Prescott, Elliott

Unlike most teams, Dallas wears its light-colored uniform, the white-and-royal blue jersey, at home. It almost looks too simple but put it together with silver pants and the team’s iconic star logo and you have a classic combination.

2. Steelers 1968-1996

The Steelers’ classic black-and-gold jersey hasn’t changed much over the years. But one subtle difference made the previous iteration of Pittsburgh’s uniform better than the one it wears now: the numbers. In 1997, the team replaced the traditional block numbers with rounded ones.

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1. Raiders 1964-present

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